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MasterCraft Boise is the #1 MasterCraft dealer group in the world. Our dealerships span the West with locations in Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. As part of the #1 MasterCraft dealer group in the world, you can expect the best MasterCraft prices and discounts, as well as unbelievable customer service at any location you chose to visit.

Being #1 in the world has its perks. MasterCraft gives our dealerships exclusive discounts – this means, no one else can give you a better price on MasterCrafts than we can.


MasterCraft Boise is Boise and Southern Idaho’s exclusive MasterCraft boat dealer. As part of the third largest MasterCraft dealer group in the world we offer the full range of MasterCraft boats and service. We specialize in MasterCraft which allows us to provide the best possible sales and service experience.

Our MasterCraft dedicated facility offers a showroom, a fully stocked pro shop, and service bays, able to service any inboard boat make or model. MasterCraft Boise prides itself on going above and beyond when it comes to providing a memorable experience for our customers. From our full on water delivery to our fun sales environment, you won’t leave MasterCraft Boise without a smile.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used boat, come and see for yourself why MasterCraft Boise can’t be beat. With a boat to meet each customer’s needs and an experienced, professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff, MasterCraft Boise is the boating headquarters for Southern Idaho.

MasterCraft boats offer unbeatable quality and unmatched performance. Recognized for quality in manufacturing, as well as performance, MasterCraft boats offer a wide range of options and an excellent customer experience.


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  • Lake Powell Sales Service & Storage
  • 6 Locations / Regional Presence
  • Skilled & Fast Service at all locations
  • 5-Year Warranty
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